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#184 news. 19.01.2018

| photo Friday events: On kryptowalutowe funds too early; Dealers of gold benefit on the correction of Bitcoin; Korean banks profit from customers investments in kryptowaluty; Swiss Church accepts donations via Bitcoin; Calm on the exchanges. • Kryptowalutowe funds too early: The American Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) published a letter from […]

#183 news. 18.01.2018

| photo Thursday events: Trouble on the exchange Poloniex; a Good chance for Bitcoin; Alibaba, however, without its own kryptowaluty; US warns investors through kryptowalutą Venezuela; the Dynamic return of the stock market. • Problems on the Poloniex exchange: According to the users of non-subreddita Poloniex, the stock market does not align the balance […]

#182 news. 17.01.2018

photo Wednesday’s events: Fuss over Polish kryptowaluty Digital PLN; One of the largest banks launches its own exchange; China is strengthening position; Bitconnect disappeared from the map of crypto; the Government of South Korea is forced to accept a civil petition; a Massive sale on the crypto currency continues. • The hype around the […]

#181 news. 16.01.2018

| photo Tuesday events: China accelerate, Alibaba platform crypto; the President of Venezuela wants to co kryptowaluty; Bitcoin falls in the world of sport; member of the Bundesbanku wants international control; the Whole market on fire. • China accelerate, Alibaba platform crypto: According to anonymous sources quoted by Bloomberg, yesterday, the Chinese government gradually […]

#180 news. 15.01.2018

photo With poniedziałkowych of events: the continuation of regulation in South Korea; Singapore has so far refrained from regulating on crypto currency; Several important aspects, which will require accurate findings; the Current position and size of Bitcoin; an Easy jump of the prices on the exchanges. • Continuation of regulation in South Korea: Trading […]

#179 news. 14.01.2018

| photo Of random events: the Offer is the first multinational cryptocurrency for the BRICS and the EEU; Indonesia vs kryptowalutom; the US wants to control the private BITCOIN wallets of its citizens; Red on the stock exchanges. • The offer is the first multinational cryptocurrency for the BRICS and the EEU: At the […]

#178 news. 13.01.2018

| photo With Saturday’s events: Russia zalegalizuje however kryptowaluty; Cheapest electricity in Washington attracts miners; the Transparency and security offered by Blockchain technology; Increase exchanges. In Russia, however, zalegalizuje kryptowaluty: According to local media reports, the Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on the legalization of trade kryptowalutami at approved sites. Deputy […]

#177 the news. 12.01.2018

| photo Friday event: Ukraine will regulate kryptowaluty; Citizens want the resignation of Ministers, prohibiting kryptowaluty; Trade kryptowalutami in Japan is booming; the Russian Sberbank has launched a Blockchain laboratory; KFC Canada, following in the footsteps of other companies presented their own cryptocurrency; the Return of capital on the exchanges. • Ukraine will regulate […]

#176 news. 11.01.2018

| photo Thursday events: Conflicting reports about closure of the exchanges in South Korea; the Russian officials do not have to pay with crypto currency; a lot of progress in data encryption and new opportunities; Waren Buffett does not understand crypto currency; the heavy traffic on the exchanges. • Conflicting reports about the closure […]

#175 news. 10.01.2018

| photo Wednesday events: Australia will improve the integrity of the tax; bill gates, as before, supports Bitcoin; Centres of higher education services in Bitcoinach; Digital currency of Venezuela questioned; Bitcoin Cash starts rally. • Australia will improve the integrity of the tax: If there is something near and dear to the hearts of […]