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bitcoin trading

#207 news. 11.02.2018

photo kryptokurrency.com From random events: Binance security; Arizona wants the people pay taxes kryptowalutami; Olympian received compensation in kryptowalutach; 50 luxury apartments was sold for Bitcoins; the Sunday rest on the stock exchanges. • Binance security: For more than 24 hours, Binance, the world’s largest exchange kryptowalutowa, stopped working due to problems with the server. […]

#206 news. 10.02.2018

| photo decentral.market With Saturday’s events: France and Germany insist on strict regulation on crypto currency; Bosh invests in IOTA; Japanese investors will pay a lot of taxes from profit on crypto currency; Innovative technology combines traditional digital exchange; exchanges quietly. • France and Germany insist on strict regulation on crypto currencies: French and German […]

#205 news. 09.02.2018

| photo cryptosrus.com Friday events: Improved exchange Binance back in the game; New product developers MyEtherWallet; the Government of India targeting investors flashing from taxation on crypto currency; the First city in the United States with his kryptowalutą; the Detention of members of international criminal organizations; the Gentle enthusiasm of the stock exchanges. • Improved […]

#201 news from 05.02.2018.

| photo d-pt.ppstatic.pl With poniedziałkowych events: Prime Minister Matteo Morawiecki moving area; a Message to the Prosecutor on suspicion in Commission of crimes through the Polish stock exchange; Banks in the UK followed America; Exchange Bittrex will add trading dollars and will re-open registration for new users; On the stock exchanges continue to fall. • […]

#200 news. 04.02.2018

| photos images.kashmirobserver.in From random events: Kryptowaluty disappear from Chinese social networks; Positive statements in South Korea on bitcoin; Vitalik Buterin allocates Ethe

#199 news. 03.02.2018

| photo amyxinternetofthings.com With Saturday’s events: Qtum will work with the space; UPS accepts Bitcoin; Approved the first Fund Blockchain in Canada; Unconfirmed reports of connections Poloniex and the Circle; a Change of trend on the stock exchange. • Qtum will run out of space: Qtum, a project based on Blockchain focused on decentralized applications […]

#198 news. 02.02.2018

| photo usethebitcoin.com Friday events: the Prime Minister sees the dependencies in the international system of regulation on crypto currency; EU launches Observatory Blockchain; Kodak translates the term ICO; the Wolf of wall Street claims that Bitcoin can grow to $ 50,000 before you reach the bottom; Another day. • Prime Minister sees the dependencies […]

#196 news. 31.01.2018

| photo www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com Wednesday events: Facebook restricts ads kryptowalutowych projects; South Korea will not deal with kryptowalutami; Venezuela will introduce its own digital currency; a football Club from Turkey will pay piłkarzowi Bitcoinami; a Further fall on the stock exchanges. • Facebook restricts ads kryptowalutowych projects: Facebook has updated its advertising policy, declaring that prohibits […]

#195 news. 30.01.2018

photo ethereumworldnews.com Tuesday events: new Or NEO exchange take off the crown Ethereum? Chinese exchange moved to Hong Kong; the U.S. Government claims that Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoinem ; Robbery on crypto currency in the UK. • New exchange NEO take off the crown Ethereum?: Ethereum is currently the main class of decentralized […]