Anatoly Aksakov: the digitalization contributes to technological breakthrough in Russia

Russia will achieve a technological breakthrough through the development of infrastructure and digitalization in all spheres of life. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, during a speech at the press conference for the world summit of the blockchain and cryptocurrency WBCSummit.

«For me it is important what is happening in our country. ICO, cryptocurrency and the blockchain is only the elements of digitalization in the country. I believe that we can provide a technological breakthrough, developing ground infrastructure, roads, Railways, logistics centers, and conducting digitalization of all spheres of life,» he said.

According to Aksakov, if Russia will be able to achieve success in this area in the next six years, she «will go to the highest level in the world.»

«The ICO is only element of what we’re going to do,» he added.

The Deputy reminded that the first reading of the draft law on the regulation of digital currencies in Russia will be held on 22 may, the second reading is scheduled for June 19, and the third on June 21.

Within WBCSummit was also named the most friendly to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the country.

The researchers examined the regulation of cryptocurrencies in 48 European countries and made a rating from 10 countries, headed by Switzerland. In the second place, Gibraltar, the third – Malta. Closes the top five Denmark. The tenth place is Belarus. Russia in this rating was not included.

«Switzerland is a Central hub for cryptocurrency projects from all over the world thanks to the positive regulatory dynamics,» the study says. «The Canton of Zug is home to several projects and foundations, including the Ethereum Foundation, Tezos, Dfinity, Bancor and ShapeShift».

The authors of the rating was named Europe’s most friendly to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the country including the fact that in 2023, the country set a zero tax on cryptocurrencies.

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