ASUS presented the motherboard chipset H370 with support for 20 cards

Manufacturer of computer accessories, Asus introduced a new motherboard for the crypto currency miners — Mining H370 Master, which supports 20 GPUs.

This model is the second generation of specialized motherboards designed for mining in the line of the Taiwanese manufacturer. The previous model B250 Mining Expert, who had 19 cards, was introduced in August last year.

Connect graphics cards in the B250 Mining Expert carried turn PCI-E x1 slot, which created some inconvenience in the connection, that was unreliable. In H370 Mining Master card connected via a PCI-e-Over-USB, which greatly simplifies and increases reliability of the entire system.

“Mining has long gone to a new level. Need to mined cryptocurrency in the end is not only covered all of your expenses, but also brought income. Therefore, optimization is required at each stage. For those who are engaged in mining on an industrial scale, an increase in the number of cards even by one unit – it is significantly reduces costs,” said the company in a statement.

H370 Mining Master has built-in diagnostic system that greatly simplifies the management and monitoring of connected devices and also allows you to monitor the status of the motherboard.

“The less time you spend on maintenance of your equipment, the more time there is for mining, so we added in Mining H370 Master set of diagnostic functions for simplified management of equipment,” says Asus.

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