At the summit in Chisinau, the Moldovan presents the first cryptocurrency exchange

On Friday 11 may in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, was held the first conference on the blockchain and cryptocurrency called «the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World Summit Chisinau (Chisinau WBCSummit)».

The event, which was held in the Academy of Economic studies of Moldova (ASEM), was presented the first Moldovan of the crypto exchange and the first token, «made in Moldova», developed and launched as part of the exchange. The participants also discussed the potential of blockchain technology for different fields of activity.

Moldovan cryptocurrency exchange Drachmae Market was created under the leadership of the Association of the digital and distributed technology Moldova, the country’s first blockchain-Association based Lee Gibson Grant (Lee Gibson Grant). At the moment on the stock exchange there are four Fiat currency, the Moldovan LEU, Russian ruble, US dollar and Euro. And cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, DASH, Monero, Nextcoin, ZOZO Coin and Token DTMI.

According to the letter from the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), the Moldovan cryptocurrency exchange the actual can perform banking operations.

The letter stated that since at present the legal framework for cryptocurrencies in the country, cryptocurrency exchanges do not require permission of the NBM. However, given the fact that the exchange is used FIATA currency, the Central Bank asked for data on remittances, and to comply with the law on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

It is also worth noting that the Central Bank recognized the potential of blockchain technology for the financial system and is considering the introduction of this technology in local banks.

Cryptocurrency exchange Drachmae created on the basis of technology provided by us-Israeli startup Agura, created by Sharon Greenberg, who also spoke at the event.

Greenberg, who is also the co-founder of Crypto Next, said that the cryptocurrency exchange is going to be interesting to both retail and professional investors. He said Drachmae offers the same tools and opportunities that are currently available on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Speaking about the introduction of the technology of the blockchain at the state level, Greenberg said the government should understand that we live in an era of financial revolution and it does not need to be afraid of, it would be correct to keep up with the times.

On the question of whether the government of Moldova, where corruption among state institutions is still at a very high level, to fear the smooth introduction of technologies of the distributed registry, Greenberg said:

«This is what must make the Moldovan people, since the use of the technology of the blockchain will make all state processes are fully transparent.»

Greenberg also shared his opinion about comments by bill gates and Warren Buffett, who recently spoke out against Bitcoin. Unlike many of the leaders of the cryptocurrency community who was clearly disappointed with the position of billionaires, Greenberg was calm, stating that they had a right to share their opinions.

«I know that Warren Buffett does not like digital currency, but last month he lost a lot of money, so it is also not perfect,» he said, adding that time will put everything in its place.

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