BioCoin and Talkbank has released the first in Russia of the crypto map

Blockchain platform BioCoin from the creators of the network of farm shops LavkaLavka and service TalkBank has released a crypto-currency co-branded card will allow you to pay for purchases worldwide. This was stated by the founder BioCoin and cooperative LavkaLavka Boris Akimov and General Director of the TalkBank Mikhail Popov.

According to Akimova, this will be the first legal crypto map in Russia, with which the Bank customer will be able to shop around the world, and then to compensate for the ruble spending tokens – Bioline, the cost of which is constantly changing depending on supply and demand.

«There was a lot of talk about the possible release of the crypto cards in Russia, and we did it because bikini from the very beginning were developed in the legal field as a tool that focuses on the regular customers. The fact that BIOCON is entitled to claim the bonus points in the loyalty system BioCoin. On the one hand, it is a token that is identical to bitcoin and on the other a commodity to be bought or sold,» he said.

According to the developers, the card holders will be able to get cashback all the partners of the loyalty system.

«The map will Bank account, and cryptocurrency. To pay it can be in any store around the world. In this case the buyer will be able to compensate for the ruble costs Bioeconomy. In fact, in this system occurs first in Russia legal exchange Fiat currency for tokens,» said Ivan.

«We are in the TalkBank happy to support innovative projects in retail, especially that use the blockchain, so the partnership with LavkaLavka is very promising in the Russian market», – said Popov.

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