Blockchain INDO 2018: how was the may cryptocephaline in Jakarta

May 11-12 blockchain experts, specialists, business owners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gathered in Jakarta, where he spent the Blockchain INDO Conference, organized by the team Cryptoevent.

Guests from Asia, Europe, America and Russia gathered Kempinski Grand Ballroom Jakarta to discuss pressing issues of development of the technology of the blockchain, ICO projects, financial technologies and kriptonyte not only in Indonesia but throughout the world. During the two-day event, participants attended more than 40 speakers and crypto-presented their stands 30 companies: ICO projects, a blockchain platform and other services.

One of the topics of discussion raised by the experts, speakers and participants — state regulation of cryptocurrencies in Asia. As you know, the attitude of the authorities of Asian countries to the cryptocurrency cannot be called liberal and in most cases they are skeptical towards digital money. For example, in January of this year, the Central Bank of Indonesia officially warned about the risks associated with the use of the cryptocurrency and confirmed their illegal status in the country.

All the experts and businessmen in the field of blockchain waiting for the market clear rules of the game. “In Switzerland, where I come from, were recently published some recommendations for the tokens that are in circulation in the country, it helps to reduce the uncertainty,” — said Gebhard Scherrer (Gebhard Scherrer), co-founder and COO DATUM. “I think other than the state in the development of a “code” can, and should, and private entities”.

A separate issue deserving attention is the place of the ICO projects in the framework of the law, experts say. “At the moment, the governments of Asian countries or expressly prohibit ICO (China, South Korea, Vietnam), or turn a blind eye to it and ignore it in the hope that nobody will get hurt,” says Robert Ryu (Robert Rose), co-founder and strategic Director of Tristar Ventures. “However, in the long run the benefits outweigh the negatives: the growth of technical industries, new employment opportunities, tax revenues. If the government does decide to turn away from ICO and the crypto industry, they face the risk of loss of entire industries, created companies, tax revenue and brain drain to more developed and open country.”

In addition to the topical issues of legislation in the field of blockchain speakers discussed digital marketing trends in ICO projects, trading, gender peculiarities of doing business on the blockchain, and also gave forecasts of the crypto-community in Asia.

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