Blockstack announced shop for decentralized applications

The developer of decentralized applications Blockstack one step closer to its vision of Web 3.0 with the addition of — directory for decentralized applications, or dapps.

Co-founder Ryan Shea (Shea Ryan) said that the company is launching the resource, which aims to bridge the gap between developers of decentralized applications and potential users. The project is open source will be free for developers, and Blockstack sees «a key factor for the decentralized development of applications and new discoveries».

«The goal is to actually unite application developers and users, and to demonstrate the value of such enterprises. We want to help users to find decentralized applications. We launched our browser last year, which was a huge success. After that, we began to notice that people create these applications on top of our platform, and last year we were focused on how to get their knowledge on the subject,» said Shea.

This initiative really can be considered the first step towards the creation of a specialized store for developers dapps. Such a project will allow developers in the future to charge for enhanced versions of your app, and to enter other markets.

«We want to create a comprehensive store of decentralized applications. One of its main components will be the index that allows you to track the most popular app, and the other list functions like what you can see in the Apple app store,» explained Shea.

Shi also said that now his team moves from the infrastructure phase to support scalable decentralized applications. He noted that now «they are gaining real momentum and attract real users,» and that his company «will continue to encourage the development of a decentralized network and to attract developers on joint projects».

«The main thing we want to convey to the community: there may be different platforms competing with each other, but they are still very small, but the real competition is about to unfold with platforms like Facebook».

Last year a few months after the launch of the decentralized browser, Blockstack startup raised $50 million in ICO with the participation of venture capital funds. Of them only 10 million, the company has at its disposal immediately. Another $ 20 million will be unlocked after the startup will release the next version of their product. The remaining $ 20 million will be available when the company reaches the final stage – a million confirmed users of the platform.

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