Browser Brave is celebrating five million downloads

Decentralized browser Brave was downloaded from the mobile app store, Google Play Market more than five million times. It is noteworthy that the mark of one million downloads was passed just six months ago.

Perhaps this rapid expansion was facilitated by several high-profile partnerships, including with Dow Jones Media, which also occurred in this period.

The Brave browser is a web browser with a free and open source browser based Chromium and Blink engine, announced a co-founder of Mozilla Project and Creator of JavaScript Brendan Ahom (Brendan Eich). Among the main features of this browser, it should be noted a built-in ad blocker and a reward system for «Brave Payments», which gives users the ability to set the amount they are willing to sacrifice to support the sites visited. Next, with the help of special algorithm calculates the percentage of this amount which will be given to the publisher of each individual site using the cryptocurrency transfer.

Ad blocker enabled in the browser by default, but for the creation of quality content, users can reward publishers using internal token «token attention» to BAT. Registering on the platform as publishers, videoblogger YouTube and Twitch streamers can get a much higher percentage of income than the usual models based on advertising.

Despite, the fact that the statistics of downloading the app for iOS is not available, in the company of Brave told that every month the browser added 2.3 million users in all versions. Also, to obtain remuneration for the content tokens in the BAT on the platform has already registered 14 000 trusted publishers.

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