DeepBrain Chain launches Silicon valley research center AI and blockchain

Fund DeepBrain Chain Foundation that controls the blockchain-based platform artificial intelligence DeepBrain Chain, told about the plans to launch the Center for artificial intelligence and blockchain in Silicon valley.

Within three years, the Fund plans to invest in new research center $ 100 million. Among the main objectives of the future center – finding new solutions in the field of mining, education, algorithm deep learning and the integration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

«We’re going to create an ecosystem of AI+blockchain, which will significantly reduce barriers to entry and the cost of application AI through safely transferred computing power, models, AI, and data in the blockchain» — said the chief specialist of the Department of artificial intelligence company Dun-Yan Wang (Dongyan Wang).

To work in DeepBrain van was head of the AI Department in the company Midea Group. Van has worked in the field of artificial intelligence, business intelligence and data Analytics for over 20 years and was an employee of such companies as Cisco, NetApp, and Samsung.

The main tasks of van in DeepBrain Chain — guide development of new artificial intelligence technologies and integration of the blockchain, as well as the creation of AI applications on the leading platform DeepBrain Chain.

In addition to the construction research center in Silicon valley, DeepBrain Chain plans to launch a number of other events, including the presale is based on the technology of the blockchain terminals for mining, the selection of nodes in the network for ecosystem DBC AI and the core network DBC.

DeepBrain Chain uses the technology of the blockchain to create a decentralized, low-cost and confidential computer platform of artificial intelligence with a complete set of related products and services.

Bringing millions of network nodes in different parts of the world with the help of distributed and decentralized blockchain platforms, DeepBrain Chain intends to use AI help companies save up to 70% of the cost of computing power. According to representatives of DeepBrain Chain, the company plans «to create an ecosystem of AI, built and managed by all participants, from which they will be able to make a profit».

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