Exchange Gemini opens the «licensed» trade zcash for

Owned by the brothers Winklevoss Gemini exchange said it will become «the world’s first licensed exchange zcash for trading».

Trading platform said that it was a trading pair for zcash for (ZEC/USD, ZEC/BTC and ZEC/ETH). According to the company, this makes the platform «the world’s first licensed exchange zcash for trading». ZEC became the third crypto-currency supported by the exchange after bitcoin and ether.

«Zcash for picked up the baton where bitcoin lost her,» said Tyler Winklevoss (Tyler Winklevoss), President of Gemini. «Bitcoin does a lot of benefits, but privacy isn’t one of them». «Zcash for bitcoin and are two revolutionary technologies that are vying for different markets,» added Cameron Winklevoss (Cameron Winklevoss). «Bitcoin is digital gold, and zcash for digital money».

Add zcash for – cryptocurrency-oriented privacy — it is remarkable, given that Gemini is governed by the Department of financial services of new York (NYDFS), whose Regulations is considered to be one of the most stringent sets of rules that apply to U.S. exchanges. Gemini received the approval of the NYDFS listing zcash for, Cash, Bitcoin and Litecoin, however, still has officially announced support for LTC or BCH.

Representatives claim they’ve come through a long process of approval of the listing to NYDFS before officially decided to add the zcash for trade. The users can make deposits with both protected and unprotected addresses, however, withdrawal is available only on the second type of addresses — probably because of concerns regarding compliance with rules for combating money laundering. This approach essentially eliminates most of the benefits zcash for in terms of anonymity.

«This move confirms long-standing commitment to new York’s innovation and leadership in the global market. Thanks to the thoughtful and careful regulation of development of the industry will continue,» said Mary Vullo (Maria Vullo), head of the NYDFS.

Trading instrument with the ZEC will be officially opened for trading on may 22 at 9:30 Eastern time USA (16:30 Moscow time), but customers can begin to make deposits on Saturday the 19th of may.

It is noteworthy that Gemini provides data about prices on the Chicago Board exchange CBOE which became the first us regulated platform launched
futures trading for bitcoin. CBOE has stated many times
about his desire to add more derivatives-based cryptocurrencies, so adding on the zcash for Gemini may accelerate the emergence of futures into the cryptocurrency.

In the last 24 hours price zcash for reached a local maximum of 360 dollars, showing a growth of more than 40%.

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