«Footwear of Russia» uses the blockchain to protect customer data

Russian Shoe company «Footwear of Russia» uses the technology of the blockchain to protect the data acquiring goods on credit customers and considering the idea of creating their own cryptocurrencies, said the IT Director of group Dmitry Karpenko.

«The blockchain will apply also in the part of the company’s Finance organization. All the information in their contracts and transactions will be encrypted and stored in three data centers in Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Moscow. Development of adapted IT-systems group and integrated with ERP-system based on 1C external platform involved was not», – he said.

According to the Director of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Arseniy Salicina, the use of the blockchain in retail is just beginning, the peak of investments will occur in the next five years.

«Technology should be used for traceability of goods and reduce counterfeiting, but its application for data protection is not justified, since Russia’s safety standards in this area and so are pretty high. The blockchain may require substantial cost investment in development, employment of additional staff, investment in equipment,» he said.

According to the representative of the network of shops of household electronics «M. Video» Valeria Andreeva, retail has quite a lot common and repetitive operations, the introduction of technologies based on the blockchain allows to increase the efficiency of processes. The company began using the technology of distributed registry for verification of deliveries, which helped to eliminate risks of loss of privacy and fraud, reduce operational costs, increase the speed and convenience of factoring payments.

Regarding the creation of its own cryptocurrency, according to Karpenko, the company is technically ready for this: the system already has inherent mechanisms of generation cryptocurrency and crediting cards along with bonuses to buyers. However, the implementation of the project requires a clear position of the state that defines the legal status of cryptocurrencies in Russia.

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