Forum «Business With China: the era of mining» will be held in St. Petersburg June 22,

On June 22 in Saint-Petersburg on the territory of Lenexpo will host the event devoted to Russian-Chinese economic relations — IX Business Forum «Business With China: the era of mining». This year the key subject of the IX Forum will become the industry development of cryptocurrency.

Over the last few years kriptonyte has evolved from a very narrow business niche in a comprehensive idea.

«More private capital remains on the market», — says the founder VectorGroup, the organizer of the Forum Alfred Khamsin. «Russia and China play a very important role in the development of the stock market, offering investors great opportunities in the rapid increase of capital, so we could not ignore this topic. I am sure that the Forum will help participants to expand their skills, find new opportunities and see the future development of the business».

The participants of the forum

The Forum invited eminent blockchain experts: traders, investors, crypto-enthusiasts, opinion leaders in the world of cryptocurrencies, bloggers, developers, miners, and suppliers and manufacturers of mining equipment. Among the participants of the Forum: the founder of the school of Internet-bourgeois SHIB.RF, captainvalor Andrey Ryabykh; CEO «the World of Work mining» Vitaly Cheremenskogo; founder of the mining centre Cryptal Rustam kutuev; CEO Sergei Ryabov; managing partner of the Vector Group of Companies Alfred Hamzin and others.

The event will take place exhibition of mining equipment from China and Russia and Network session. The exhibition will feature equipment for mining, cryptoform, mining platforms and different financial services. Visitors will be able to participate in the raffle of 10 miners.

The program

The business program of the Forum will give participants the opportunity to discuss the most actual for today questions:

  • How to make money on cryptocurrency market on deals with China

  • Where is the technology of the blockchain will make a breakthrough

  • What are the prospects of the market for mining equipment

  • How to choose mining equipment

  • What are the benefits of investment in mining equipment, and digital assets

  • As regulated stock market of Russia and China and many others

To register and learn more about the event on the site.

Location: 199106, Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect V. O., D. 103, «Lenexpo», pavilion №4.

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