Gartner: most companies are not going to implement blockchain

According to research firm Gartner, which surveyed almost 300 managers of information technology (CIO), only 1% of organisations use in their business technology of the blockchain, 8% experimented with it and plan to integrate the technology in the near future, and 77% reported lack of interest in its application.

According to the Vice-President Gartner David Furlonger, the survey suggests that perceptions of the prevalence and widespread use of the blockchain extremely hyped and doesn’t reflect reality.

«You have to understand that the challenge for CIOs is not just to find and motivate qualified engineers, but also to ensure the growth of resources, because the development of the blockchain continues,» he said.

So, 13% of it companies believe that a complete restructuring of the information technology Department will be the only way to switch to blockchain, 14% are concerned that this means a significant change in corporate culture, 23% indicated that the use of technology requires many new skills, and 18% said that potential employees do not know this technology.

«Blockchain requires understanding at a fundamental level aspects of security, rights, sharing the cost, decentralized management, processes and commercial architecture, says Furlonger. Therefore, traditional business, you need to fully rebuild».

In his opinion, companies that rush to implement a blockchain can lose investments or to discover that the technology does not suit them.

«While many industries are interested in use of technology of the blockchain, it is unclear if they are decentralized, distributed and licenzirovanie network. They can be stuck trying to integrate the blockchain in the legacy streams of values and system,» he concluded.

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