Hackers demand that two canadian banks of $ 1 million in XRP

Hackers who stole information on thousands of customers of canadian banks, demanded $ 1 million XRP for non-proliferation of this information.

According to the report
CBC News, the two banks affected by the hacking — and Bank of Montreal online banking CIBC Simplii Financial, said that hackers gained personal information of 90,000 account holders, including names, account numbers and passwords. Criminals also claim that they have possession of secret questions and answers, social security numbers, and information about the account balance.

It is reported that in the email, sent from Russia, the hackers demand a ransom in the amount of $ 1 million in XRP – cryptocurrency developed by a startup Ripple. Blackmailers claim that they will put information on open access if they do not pay. While not reported, what kind of dollars we talking canadian or American.

As evidence that the hackers indeed have the claimed customer data, they provided information about one customer from each Bank. Hackers use an algorithm to generate account numbers, which are then used to impersonate the real owners of accounts and to the associated security questions and answers. In the message, the hackers also said poor security measures for financial institutions and stated:

«They gave too many rights half-authenticated accounts, which allowed us to get all this information… the Bank did not check whether the password is valid as long as the secret question has not been entered correctly».

CBC News reported that he had contacted both banks on the issue of payment of ransom to hackers. «We do not pay the fraudsters,» — said representatives of the Bank of Montreal. Bank employees Financial Simplii chose not to give a straight answer to this question.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, many Internet criminals quickly realized that this is a great way to get a ransom for information stolen or locked computers. Last month the hackers demanded
0.1 BTC for opening site of Ministry of Ukraine. And in March of this year, criminals extorting
the authorities of the American city of Atlanta $ 51,000 in bitcoin under threat of stop working of major departments of the city. And of course not to mention the latest viruses-blockers, which received the most widespread, and attacked computers worldwide Petya, WannaCry and Bad Rabbit.

Despite all the genius of such schemes, the hackers are faced with the problem — nobody wants to pay the ransom in bitcoin, as in the case of Bank of Montreal. However, it is tempered the ardor of the criminals, and we certainly will see another similar attack in the near future.

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