HTC is planning to release a smartphone for the blockchain to the end of the year

At the end of 2000-ies HTC was a pioneer in bringing to market a smartphone based on Android operating system. Now the company wants to do the same using the blockchain.

On Tuesday, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer announced the smartphone Exodus, which will serve as a mobile point of connection to the world of decentralized networks, and a storage device for those who want to always wear cryptocurrency in your pocket.

According to Phil Chen (Phil Chen), who had previously founded a line of virtual reality products Vive, and recently returned to the company to lead the project Genesis, the Corporation intends to begin selling the device soon.

«We plan to open by the end of this year,» Chen said.

Although HTC is not the only company working to develop a smartphone to access the blockchain (Sirin Labs recently attracted 157 million dollars through the ICO to create a smartphone Finney) is, by far, the largest firm, who decided on such a development.

Based on the positioning of the product, it becomes clear that HTC sees the great potential of decentralized technologies, in particular in order to give consumers the ability to control information about themselves in the digital space. Raymond PAO (Raymond Pao), Vice-President for new technologies HTC, said that the company «will be engaged in creation of infrastructure and the phone that support peer-to-peer network».

«We believe that smartphones will be a critical component to the entire crypto community. This phone will be the hub of what was PC in the early days of the Internet,» he said. «»If we look at the industry, it becomes clear that we are moving in two directions: one side is centralized at 100%, so the platform companies know all the information about users. The value of these platforms is that they completely adjust to each user. The greater the amount of information a user shares, the better adapted to it services offered by the site.

On the other hand, there are users who care more about their privacy and want to control the availability of information about yourself. Because the phone is one of the main devices that we all use every day, we want to work on creating decentralized spaces for the people who care most about their privacy».

The focus on practicality

Initiatives such as this point to strengthen the connection between mobile devices and blockchains. Of course, these relationships repeatedly encounter problems because of software bugs mobile a blockchain-based applications, which led to negative consequences for users. However, the path of innovation is always difficult and that trying to make HTC could be the next big step in the development of the industry of mobile devices.

Chen said his goal is to create a product that will provide a high level of security of digital assets stored on the device as well as easy access to other cryptocotylar that the market offers. In particular, Genesis is a digital store for distributed applications or dapps, in addition to the built-in wallet. The idea is that this store will be associated with proposals in existing blockchains, including Ethereum. The phone will also have built-in APIs to enable developers to create additional applications based on integrated networks.

It seems that HTC is betting on the fact that due to the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone (data Statista
indicate that today almost 3 billion people using smartphones worldwide), this is the most convenient device for widespread distribution of the blockchain, especially with the aim of obtaining greater control over personal information.

«We really care about the proliferation and storage of personal data, and we believe that a phone with access to the blockchain services is the best way of solving it,» explained Chen.

One is a warrior

As HTC is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, the impression that the company is going to break into the market and to shock the industry with its unexpected development. However, according to Chen, the Taiwanese manufacturer adheres completely different approach. The company liaises with projects like Ethereum and DFinity, because it tries to integrate these protocols into the phone Genesis.

«Now we communicate with Ethereum and DFinity — we want to run their clients to optimize their sites», — he explained. «We want to be available for all protocols. Sooner or later someone will have to create a Protocol that focuses on mobile devices».

Chen said that in the coming months, the company will gradually publish more information about Genesis, including the white paper, specifications, and other documents.

«We will also issue some white paper in the period from July to August, explaining that the phone can operate as a node not as an end server,» he added.

In addition, Chen noted that members of the crypto community will be able to pre-order the phone with bitcoin and esters:

«We’re going to pre-sell, and we will be taking esters and bitcoins for pre-order».


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