Huobi Pro launched index of 10 cryptocurrencies

May 23, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro has launched for its clients the new market index Huobi 10, which monitors real-time behavior 10 digital assets in respect of USDT.

According to an official statement on the company website, the main index «reflects the General market data Huobi Pro» that will allow investors to get an idea about the behavior of this segment of the market as a whole and will free you from having to check individual courses cryptocurrency.

The index algorithm is based on a balanced sample, which divides the digital assets in 4 major categories: coins, platforms, applications, and substitutes real assets (USD, gold, etc.). The index will include leading assets which will be ranked according to their turnover in the last quarter.»

According to the company, the products, which are based on the new index will be presented on the main site until June 10.

The company also provided a situation in which the asset is included in the index may be deleted from the platform: «If there is a need in an unexpected delisting of a digital asset from the index, the sample will temporarily change. In this case, the index will include coins that were in the list of candidates above».

Currently the index HUOBI 10 includes the following crypto-currencies: BTC, HT, EOS, ETH, BCC, XRP, LTC, IOST, ETC. and DASH.

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