In 2018 Tatarstan will implement the blockchain in a government archive

The authorities of Tatarstan intend to use the technology of the blockchain in archive business – development of pilot projects will begin this year. This was announced by the Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan on archival Affairs Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova, speaking at the final session of the Department.

«In 2017, was carried out research to determine the possibility of applying the technology of the blockchain to verify the validity of the transfer and acceptance of scientific and technical documentation deposited in the archives. In 2018 we start testing the acceptance, given the involvement of these processes», – she told.

Earlier the head of Federal archival Agency Andrey Artizov said that the blockchain will make the process of storing documents in a transparent and unchanged, except in cases of authorized access.

In 2017 Ministry of communications of the Republic of Tatarstan announced plans to use blockchain in the system of interdepartmental document circulation, financial sector and healthcare.

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