In new York, will create a «Centre block»

Economic development Corporation of new York (NYCEDC) announced the launch of several initiatives which aim to make the city a center for the development of the technology of the blockchain. Among the nearest plans – opening of the «Center block», which will contribute to raising public awareness about the technology and discussions between stakeholders of the industry.

One of the key objectives of the centre will increase the attractiveness of the region for innovative companies by introducing changes in the existing regulation. This means that the revision will be primarily subjected to Regulations a body of regulations that made a cryptocurrency and blockchain startups to stop work on the territory of the state.

NYCEDC also announced plans to launch a competition which will begin in late 2018. Its goal is to encourage community members to generate ideas to improve the quality of provision of municipal services with the technology of the blockchain. As a first step, the Agency will publish the technical specifications from organizations that want to hold a contest.

In addition, during the weekend, NYCEDC has sponsored the hackathon at times square, where the developers worked hard to create a blockchain-based solutions to track the food supply chain to farmers markets near the city. The Agency also became one of the sponsors of the Blockchain Week, which will be a free job fair.

Karen Bhatia (Bhatia Karen), Vice-President of the Agency, said that he sees the areas of Finance, healthcare, media and real estate as the main potential beneficiaries of the technology of the blockchain.

Strategic planning

NYCEDC examines the development of the blockchain as a strategic step to create one thousand jobs in new York. NYCEDC is the official economic development Corporation of the city, and the members of its Council are appointed by the mayor and other officials.

For the «Center block» NYCEDC will provide $ 100,000 as initial capital for the first year. Bhatia notes that it will be «an experiment that will show whether it has meaning.» She also said that the additional funding likely to be available as needed from private sources, given the volume of investment in the sector as a whole.

It is planned that the centre will be staff members, although NYCEDC still not sure how many people will work there. The Agency is considering several potential locations for the centre, including owned real estate in the district South Street Seaport. Bhatia explained that ideally, the entrance to the Center is from the street that it could stop any passer-by.

«The goal of this initiative is the creation of a community centre in which anyone can come and learn more about the blockchain, along with those people who are working on new ventures, and want to get something like a road map to monitor their progress,» she said.

The main goal

Although the center can become a place for discussion of members of the community, his main goal is to unite regulators and entrepreneurs so they, according to Bhatia, «we sat down and seriously discussed how regulation affects innovation and entrepreneurship in new York.» Federal regulators will be invited to participate in these discussions. Including the Department of financial services of new York, who created the Regulations.

Bhatia said NYCEDC participated in a round table, which took place in February, where two state senators, suggested
to review the regulation. Although NYCEDC recognizes the need for rules to protect consumers, the center will look for ways to achieve this without obstacles start-UPS, said Bhatia. She said:

«We know very well that these rules affect the blockchain-companies operating in new York.»

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