In St. Petersburg will be electronic prescriptions on the blockchain

Electronic preferential recipes will appear in St. Petersburg. It is planned that the new digital system will not allow the resale of the recipes in the secondary market and will reduce the number of counterfeit forms, and do electronic prescriptions will protect patients from the wrong reading of the document and will eliminate the problem of deciphering illegible written forms.

The patient will be able to buy food electronic prescriptions at any pharmacy connected to a special store using the technology of the blockchain. The number of its electronic form, the patient will be able to know how this medication received at the pharmacy the way it was delivered, and what number public procurement corresponds to it.

Electronic prescriptions for preferential medicines has already appeared in the Novgorod region. It was one of the first pilot projects in the country’s health system, which is based on the technology of the blockchain. With it, developers have joined in the region of the information system of clinics and hospitals. So patient information flows into one single network, which stores patient records, prescription drugs and information about prescription recipes.

The General Director of the Center for research and development of application software «SETERE» Vadim Likholetov: «the digitalization of the healthcare system has many advantages. First, doctors in hospitals and clinics to track the health of the patient since his admission till time of discharge, because this information is uniform for all medical institutions in the vault. Second, a digital system in health care convenient for doctor and patient in a situation when a patient decides to change my primary care physician. In this case, the patient will be able to show the new doctor a full history of their disease, and the doctor is confident that a new patient has provided him with full and accurate information. Thirdly, health workers know exactly how much money you need to spend in order to cure one or another patient. This information they pass on to the insurance company. Finally, the patient may at any time to pick up a tablet or mobile phone and learn how to treat it».

Some experts believe the emergence of electronic medical records and recipes in an inefficient way of using the technology of the blockchain. According to them, the implementation of such projects requires changing information platforms in all medical institutions of a region.

Director medical information-analytical center of the health Committee Gennady Orlov: «If we talk about Saint-Petersburg, bacchanale health system we have to change the platform information in more than 200 health care organizations. This will require a huge financial cost on their part. Therefore, the introduction of the technology of the blockchain is appropriate in areas where hospitals and clinics are not yet equipped with information systems. I think people overestimate the effect of new technologies. They believe that the blockchain can be applied everywhere, however, it is not so.»

However, members of the Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg has supported the development of modern technologies in health care. MPs approved the third reading of the initiative on amendments to the law «About bases of health of citizens in St. Petersburg». The new amendment allowed the St. Petersburg doctors to prescribe to their patients electronic prescriptions. Electronic preferential recipes will work in St. Petersburg until next year. Paper prescriptions will continue to exist until then, until there is «a single electronic card of St. Petersburg». It will be issued to the beneficiaries in the test mode at the end of this year. We will remind, six years ago, the electronic prescriptions were introduced in Finland. A similar rule is already applied in Moscow.

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