Integrates Openbazaar a decentralized P2P trade 44 cryptocurrencies

In addition to the physical and electronic goods and services on the popular online platform Openbazaar now you can trade cryptocurrencies. At the moment the supported area 44 of cryptocurrencies over time the list will increase. The Commission for trading of cryptocurrencies is missing, as well as the need for registration.

This week the team of developers of Openbazaar (OB1) has announced that after the release of version 2.20 from the users of the platform have the opportunity to take advantage of a fully decentralized and free cryptocurrency trading. Earlier the platform was used for three types of listings: physical goods, digital goods and services. «Now we add a fourth: cryptocurrency», — said the team, adding a statement description of the updated version of the client:

«The biggest new feature is the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Now sellers can use a special new type of listing for selling cryptocurrency on Openbazaar. At the moment, users can choose any of 44 different cryptocurrencies, with time their number will increase.»

The main advantage of using Openbazaar for trading cryptocurrencies is the lack of commissions, no need of registration and no threat of hacking of the exchange. In addition, users are not forced «to provide their personal data».

«We launched this new feature to hear from the community on how to improve cryptocurrency trading on Openbazaar» — according to the OB1 team.

No exchange and order book

The Openbazaar developers say that the platform is «fully peer-to-peer» and not the stock exchange, adding that «the new feature will allow people to trade the cryptocurrency directly with one another at market prices». The site does not have the «book of orders with the possibility of selecting the target rates for the purchase or sale» — explain to developers.

Currently the framework uses 3 different types of payments: direct payment (Direct payment), payment offline (Offline payment) and moderated (Moderated payment). «If the buyer trusts the seller, he can send the coins through direct payment, — explained the developers. For sellers who are not online at the time of payment, you have the option of Offline payment, with which they can get the coins back to the network. Moderated payment option you can use if buyers don’t know or sellers don’t trust them.

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