IOHK is releasing a VR tool to study the Bitcoin blockchain

The company IOHK, the developer of the cryptocurrency Cardano, will soon release an educational tool based on virtual reality, which aims to introduce students to the technology of the blockchain. Using virtual reality, students will be able to review the blockchain from a new angle. This was announced by Director General of IOHK Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson).

Model virtual reality will have the same interface that is used in another development of the company — Symphony of the Blockchain, but will be extended with a set of tools that allow you to look more closely at the blockchain of Bitcoin. Charles Hoskinson said:

«IOHK has obligations in the sphere of education and design, and this fascinating and complex data visualization — the perfect combination. She’s as beautiful as it is functional, and we hope that it will help to make the blockchain accessible to new audiences.»

Development IOHK Symphony of the Blockchain called the community interest – it was called «captivating work of art» and «exciting tool». Mark Lundin (Lundin Mark), a partner in Kuva, commented on the release of a new tool as follows:

«The best part is that we will continue to work with IOHK on creating other visualizations of the blockchain, which are able to demonstrate the unique essence of this challenging technology.»

Symphony of the Blockchain

On the website Symphony of the Blockchain says that this tool gives users the ability to interact with the 3D model of the blockchain. This three-dimensional representation of the blockchain where each block is located at a different distance from the viewer. This means that the oldest unit is on the farthest level, and most recently mined blocks closer to the user.

Educational tool uses high quality graphics and sounds to make learning more interesting, and the viewer can select any date using the calendar button. After the user has selected a block in the left part of the screen displays data such as the total Commission values input and output. Below is other information such as block number, block hash, and the number of transactions in the block.

IOHK describes his tool as «an interactive, visual, and auditory study of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology».

Blockchain Cardano was programmed using Haskell, a purely functional programming language. Blockchain company teaches to program in Haskell students of the National technical University in Athens. Cardano believes that dissemination of knowledge about the technology of the blockchain in developing countries needs to be spread flexible languages like Haskell.

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