Israel has accused Palestinians in the money laundering through bitcoins

The district court in tel Aviv began a process against the 33-year-old citizen of Palestine Halmi Gita (Halmi Git) in the case of major fraud involving management forums to exchange and sell stolen credit card data. His forums came 1 300 000 users from around the world that led to massive fraud with credit cards.

According to the indictment, the defendant created the forum in 2008 and ran it until his arrest earlier this month. Entrance to the forums was free but users can buy a VIP-status to retrieve the stolen parts of «fresh» credit cards that are likely to continue in the near future. In addition, he published guidelines and in which there was information on how to commit various offences with the use of the computer to remotely hack into computers and to gain control over remote computers or servers.

Halmi also alleged to have committed crimes of fraud against the users of his own forums. The defendant offered for sale cell phones at discount prices, but once the user has transferred the money to him, he blocked him access to the site and appropriated funds. He then published statements on behalf of defrauded user, in which he thanked himself for selling cheap mobile phone.

Apparently, trying to convince investigators that his actions were caused by a negative attitude towards Israelis, many of whom were his victims, Halmi said:

«We are thieves, we steal the money from where you can – no matter whether from Israel, the USA or another country. If we could steal the money on the moon, we would have done it.»

According to the indictment, the defendant demanded that all the funds had been transferred to him in bitcoin – so, in his opinion, it would be difficult to track down. In addition, Halmi has made consistent steps to disguise their identity by technical means. He did a lot of remittances between different bitcoin wallets in order to hide traces, have used various services in order to distance themselves from their accounts, and recorded a portion of his property to relatives.

The public Prosecutor’s office of Israel attributed to the defendant’s money laundering at least $ 1 071 BTC. During the investigation, had seized the bitcoin wallet of the defendant, and the amount found in it, was transferred to the wallet to the police. The state Prosecutor’s office intends to confiscate all the contents of the wallet of the accused in the case of a positive verdict. The case was investigated by agents with the cyber unit of the Israeli national police.

Halmi charged with the following crimes: credit card fraud under aggravating circumstances (multiple violations), the implementation of fraudulent transactions in aggravating circumstances, the provision of tools for the Commission of a crime, a violation of the Law on computers and to combat money laundering.

Fraud with bitcoins do not lose their popularity, which does not benefit the image of the cryptocurrency community. In April in Los Angeles detained
two women for robbery and fraud with bitcoin, and earlier in the same month, the British citizen arrested
in Morocco for illegally obtaining $ 36 million through the embezzlement of investment funds of two companies — Bitcoin Store and Bar Works. Some criminals have gone even further — in March, the Tax office of Australia has warned
about scams, extorting taxes in bitcoins.

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