Kazakhstan and Belarus signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of blockchain

The exhibition of information and communication technologies «TIBO-2018», which takes place in the areas of «Minsk-Arena», Kazakhstan and Belarus signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of blockchain.

According to representatives of the Association blockchain Belarus, the agreement will enable the two countries to establish cooperation on exchange of experience in the field of new technologies and become more competitive on the world stage.

«The blockchain is a multinational technology and develop some real solutions to both the public and private levels, does not make sense in the framework of one state. The Memorandum will enable to create the most optimal solutions, to exchange experience, personnel, borrow each other’s operating decisions on the basis of the blockchain and crypto-currencies,» – said the Director of the Association of Technologies of Distributed Registries Stanislav Baskov.

Entered into force in March the decree of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko «On the development of the digital economy» was legalized in the Republic of activities of the blockchain projects, mining and cryptocurrencies. The Memorandum will allow Kazakhstan specialists learn from the Belarusian experience of integration in this area.

«At the moment in Belarus there are best practices on the use of legislation regulating technologies based on the blockchain, to familiarize with which the Kazakh side is interested – she intends to form a view on how best to regulate this area. Here we want to find partners, friends, colleagues, investors and employees for a mutually beneficial relationship,» said the regional representative of Digital Contracts Group Sergey Solomatkin.

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