LMAX Exchange Group launches platform for institutional investors

British FINTECH company LMAX Exchange Group announced the launch of LMAX Digital – first cryptocurrency exchange for institutional investors, which will allow you to trade the five cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, bedesem, lithinon and ripples.

According to the CEO of LMAX Exchange, David Mercer (David Mercer), the growth of institutional trading digital currencies will be the main indicator of the development of the industry, so his company offers institutions a platform for secure purchase, trade and store cryptocurrencies with a high degree of liquidity.

LMAX Digital offers a common set of rules for all market participants, and provides storage Finance its users multiporpose wallets.

«Our new exchange will help to make the cryptocurrency mainstream», he said.

LMAX Digital will conduct operations from London, as there is a data center. However, it is likely that in the coming months this will change as the company plans to open offices LMAX Digital in Tokyo and new York.

The opening of the crypto currency exchange allows LMAX to continue the current period of growth according to analysts, the company completed 2017 with a record profit.

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