Mizuho will be the sponsor of the blockchain-space Neutrino in Japan

One of the three megabanks Mizuho Japan will sponsor the country’s first blockchain-space Neutrino, founded in March, venture capital startup of technology-Ethereum Omise.

Among the consultants of the Asian payment operator Omise, author of the crypto project OmiseGo, co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.

The joint space is aimed at promoting research and realization of products on the basis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

«Since OmiseGO, Neutrino builds a thriving community, bringing together entrepreneurs, businessmen, regulators and leaders in the field of cryptocurrency through a series of regularly organized events, seminars and meetings,» – said on the website Neutrino.

Sponsor of co-working spaces Mizuho sees the blockchain as a decentralized technology that will have a transformative effect on industries, simplifying and optimizing various types of business processes.

«Interaction of the participants inside the space of the Neutrino will be one step closer to the development of commercial applications based on blockchain» – believe in Mizuho.

Mizuho is also an investor of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitFlyer.

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