On 6 June the Committee of MCCI on tax policy and audit will hold a seminar on the topic of blockchain

6 June 2018 in Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry will host a seminar on the theme: «Business in the era of the blockchain: from theory to practice». The seminar will begin at 16.00.

Not necessarily know how the technology of the blockchain, to use it as, for example, the Internet or a car. However, the presence of basic knowledge about this new technology will help to understand why it is revolutionary.

The speakers will talk about the prospects of the blockchain and the example will show how you can use blockchain solutions.

The seminar will discuss the following questions:

  • The blockchain is a digital notary and a single window. Can he be trusted?

  • The state and the blockchain are now in the chain

  • The prospects of financial and non-financial sector

  • Legal regulation of blockchain technologies in Russia

  • Blockchain projects in investors ‘ eyes

  • Practice of delivering blockchain solutions on the example of a music project.

  • The event was organized by the Committee of MCCI on tax policy and audit.

    Speakers of the event:

    Julia Zazulya, Chairman of MCCI Committee on tax policy and audit, managing partner of OOO «Yustika»; Irina Kuznetsova, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the tax Committee of MCCI on tax policy and audit, managing partner of OOO «Yustika»; Ivan Anashkin, co-founder Multistrange office «Fourpicapital»; Aram Abgaryan co-founder of blockchain-platform «Soundeon»; Roman Morev, managing partner of Law group «Morev&Partners».

    Venue: Moscow, Petrovka str., 15, p. 1, small conference hall of MCCI, 2nd floor, entrance from Stoleshnikov lane.

    The seminar attendance is free with mandatory registration.

    Contact person for registration: Ilona E. Smirnov, Executive Secretary of the MCCI Committee on tax policy and audit tel: 8-915-127-89-38, e-mail: [email protected]

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