On the platform Nasdaq in June will be launched cryptocurrency exchange Exchange DX

Next month will begin work cryptocurrency exchange DX Exchange, which will be built on the platform of the exchange giant Nasdaq.

“Among the advantages of this cooperation I would single out the brand, technology and rules,” — said General Director of DX Exchange Skowronski Daniel (Daniel Skowronski).

If the first needs no comment, about the technology Skowronski explained that the new cryptocurrency, the exchange will use the infrastructure of the Nasdaq, which runs more than 70 exchanges around the world.

As for the rules, here Skowronski noted that Nasdaq requires compliance with the highest regulatory standards, while avoiding common mistakes such as «double account» and the fictitious volumes.

Skowronski said that the platform will be a “one stop shop” where users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies for Fiat money, trade tokens, store their digital assets and display them.

On the stock exchange will not be charged any Commission for trading, it will be replaced by a monthly fee from the traders in the amount of about 10 euros. In the first phase at the site will be presented six cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. In the second stage it is planned to add another 20-25 crypto currency and trade tokens.

“We support the technology of the blockchain. And the way we can help this ecosystem to evolve is to study the tokens and ascertain that progress is only decent. We are not going to add coins to the site just because they pay us. Listing only those who deserve to be there,” explained the criteria for the selection of cryptocurrencies for trading the head DX.

Special attention will be paid to the observance of the rules of KYC and AML required by regulators, as well as cybersecurity, a question which is in part already solved for the platform Nasdaq. Skowronski promised that he will hire the best experts in the field to repel any possible attacks on the platform.

While the exchange will not be available to US customers, but according to Skowronski, company “is in dialogue” with U.S. regulators.

The future company will be headed by three veterans of the trading industry: Skowronski held a post of the General Director and the managing Director of OANDA Europe and the Americas. Time CEO of Kaplan (Kaplan Raz) was previously head of risk Management in SpotBroker. As technical Director Yaron Ben-Shoshan (Yaron Ben Shoshan) was the Director of strategic development Forex Manage.

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