Project Game Stars started production of limited edition tokens

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Game Stars is a multifunction gaming platform that seeks to solve the problems of the market of eSports, successfully completed the sale stage of their tokens GST. 25 million tokens were sold, the project has collected more than 51 57 ETH and BTC.

Before the start of sales, the project team initiated negotiations with the bitcoin exchanges. With the exchange YoBit already signed the agreement and token GST will be presented for purchase on the site after the completion of licensee. The most popular in Runet exchange cryptocurrency WEX gave preliminary agreement to work with the token.

The project launched the first round of comensal may 10, 2018 (12:00 UTC), which runs until may 27, 2018 (12:00 UTC). Only for sale 300 million tokens. At the end of tocancel all unsold tokens will burn, resulting in shortages and increased the demand for tokens.


The participants of the first round of Licensee have the opportunity to purchase GST with a 30% bonus. The price per token is $0.035, and the minimum amount of investment is limited to $10. After reaching Hard Cap, only 50,000 ordinary or 14 285 Pro users registered on the platform will cause a shortage of tokens.


Solutions platform

Game Stars seeks to become a major player in the market of eSports. The solutions offered by the platform that will change the approach to the interaction between players in the market of eSports. Game Sports solves the main problems of the industry, mostly thanks to smart contracts, produced for each kiberatlet:

1. The non-payment of prize money

Players are not just faced with a problem when a part of the prize money for the tournament were not paid. In the platform the rights of players are protected smart contracts, the prize pool is automatically distributed among the winners by the end of the tournament.

2. High entry threshold for new players

If the player has not yet become popular and has enough money, he can’t develop professionally. Game Stars allows players to raise funds through the sale of personal tokens and participate in numerous tournaments.

3. Weak market infrastructure

ESports is a relatively new market and cannot evolve along with the growth in popularity and demand. Game Stars creates a common space for interaction of participants of the market: players, sponsors, advertisers, team managers will benefit from participation in eSports. Moreover, the platform provides access to numerous tournaments, as well as the opportunity to organize their own competitions to the chosen conditions.

4. Substitution of the conditions of the tournaments

It happens that the rules of the tournament change in time. Thanks to smart contracts the problem is eliminated. Conditions of the tournament are recorded in the blockchain and can’t be changed.

You can read details of participation in tokencache Game Stars on the official website, and sign up for accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat to be aware of the latest developments of the project.

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