Reddit will resume accepting payments in cryptocurrency

Platform Reddit plans to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option for participants of the bonus program, Reddit gold, and this time bitcoin will not be the only option.

In an interview with Cheddar on Thursday, technical Director of the site Chris the Word (Slowe) said that the increased transaction fees of bitcoin and the problem of integration with Coinbase are the reason that Reddit was removed
bitcoin as a payment method in March. However, this option is likely to be back as soon as the platform will complete the modernization.

In addition, the technical Director said that on the website there will be more cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin. He said

«We are considering other cryptocurrencies. We have partially thinking about it because of the high commissions in the network of Bitcoin. We consider the ether, and litecoin, which are also provided to Coinbase».

As reported in March of this year, representatives from Reddit explained that the decision to disable your Coinbase Merchant Tool and replace it with the new product Coinbase Commerce was one of the reasons why the site has stopped accepting payments in bitcoins. According to the administrator of the platform, some users also frequently errors when making payments.

In February, the platform Coinbase has launched
service for accepting payments in the cryptocurrency Coinbase Commerce. With new developments Coinbase online retailers can accept payments in bitcoins (BTC), bitcache (BCH), ether (ETH) and lateline (LTC). All cryptocurrencies are transferred directly to the purse of the seller, which he controls.

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