SAP is developing a blockchain for supply chains in agriculture

German company SAP is the largest developer of corporate software, announced the launch of blockchain-initiative «Farm to consumer» technology to track supply chains in agriculture. The project partners will become a branch of the company Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf.

«Project «Farm to consumer» perfectly demonstrates the overall picture that we see in many of our projects related to the technology of the blockchain,» wrote Thorsten Cube (Torsten Zube), who heads the work on the blockchain in SAP, in his blog, where detailed details of the initiative.

«The cooperation is conducted on complex supply chains, where the technology of the blockchain can simplify or even eliminate many stages of the process and install automated trust which in turn will eliminate certain differences.»

DLT-the solution will be integrated into the existing technology Global Track and Trace as a «supplementary to the main processes that will create an aggregated view of data for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain».

According to Cube, advanced technology will allow companies to track the origin of food products, make requests, and leave suggestions, as well as to authenticate and execute the transaction.

In addition, SAP has teamed up with Swiss start-up to further develop their supply chains. Additional information about the joint work of the companies on the pilot projects will be presented in June.

Thorsten Cube believes that blockchain technology can significantly improve current production model of the food industry.

«If the company will be able to access a full history of products — he explained — this can later lead to the transition from centralized unilateral production-oriented supplier, to supply based on consumer demand, organized by the consortium».

This is not the first blockchain-solution SAP. It was recently announced that SAP testing
blockchain for the pension system of the Russian Federation.

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