«Sberbank CIB» and NSD will hold the ICO in the sandbox CB

«Sberbank CIB» and the national settlement Depository (NSD) will test the ICO in the «regulatory sandbox» the Bank of Russia, said the representative of the Chairman of the Board of NSD Eddie Astanin and head of «Sberbank CIB» Igor Bulantsev.

According to the regulator, the Bank of Russia informed about the initiative and expects the application for a pilot project, which is finalizing the participants of the project – they prepare the ICO educational lecture Level One.

In April, the Central Bank of Russia announced the creation of a regulatory «sandbox» for the development of financial technologies. In February, the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova reported receiving applications for the development of the pilots in «regulatory sandbox» from the two credit and one commercial organizations.

According to Astanin, NSD and Sberbank CIB will offer Level One tokens only to qualified investors and sell them for rubles only.

«The first transaction to be held in August-September of 2018. The proceeds from the sale of tokens by means of Level One will create new online services, and investors will be able to use these services, paying the purchased tokens. Operations will take place on the blockchain the platform Masterchain», – said the representative of Level One.

According to managing Director of the Association Tatyana Zharkova, which confirmed the participation of the platform in the project, taking into account tokens will be carried out on special accounts of participants in the NSD.

According to the draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICO, which the state Duma adopted in the first reading, the token exchange for rubles or foreign currency may be made only through «exchange operators digital of financial assets» – such as the Moscow exchange group which includes the NSD.

«Experiment promises the real experience of understanding the legal aspects of the future implementation of tokens and blockchain technologies, – the partner of the Fund Add.Capital Alexey Prokofiev. «Experiments in «regulatory sandbox» will shed light on many possible consequences of working with tokens. Programmers also have the opportunity to repeatedly test your code in a test environment».

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