Six major Japanese companies plan to open the exchange of cryptocurrency

Last week, the number of companies registered on the Tokyo stock exchange, first spoke about his plans to work in the cryptocurrency industry. Among them one of the most popular operators application for managing expenses, one of the largest music labels and medical Corporation. These firms join other open joint stock companies, which previously announced plans for the launch of kryptomere — SBI Group, Line Corp and Yahoo! Japan.

Money Forward

The application operator management costs Money Forward Inc made last week from the two statements related to the cryptocurrency industry. The company claims that «thanks to the rapid growth in 2012, has become one of the most sought-after startups, and the number of users of its applications approaching the 5.5 million».

Last Wednesday, the company announced the creation of a subsidiary Forward Money Financial :

«Money Forward Financial Co., Ltd. («MF Financial») will launch a mass media specializing on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain this summer and then plans to open a cryptocurrency exchange until the end of 2018.»

Another announcement made the same day, concerns the plan for cooperation with 20 the cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and abroad to provide capturadora solutions in accounting operations. Recalling that it has already partnered with Bitflyer cryptomeria, Coincheck and Zaif, the company claims that now is in the process of negotiating a partnership with Btcbox, Bitbank, Quoine, and Fisco.


Drecom Co. Ltd. engaged in the development and promotion of entertainment content for mobile and PC applications. The company announced last Wednesday about changes in its Charter to enable it to open cryptocurrency to the company. Amendments will be presented to shareholders at the next annual meeting.

The amendments allow the company to begin work in the area of «exchange of virtual currency», in particular in the field of «planning, operation and management of exchanges associated with virtual currencies». In addition, the company plans to offer settlement services for cryptocurrency.

Yamane Medical Corporation

Yamane Medical Corporation working in the field of nursing and personal care for the elderly. According to Bloomberg, the Japanese company «manages the center for home care for the elderly under the name of Nagoya Residence».

Local media reported last Friday that the company plans to amend its Charter and add the possibility of doing business in the cryptocurrency industry. According Minkabu Press, the amendment would include «the provision of system operation and advising in the field of virtual currencies,» and work «cryptocurrency exchanges».


Adways Inc is an international company for the promotion of mobile applications, whose main activity is the provision of advertising services.

Last Thursday the company also announced changes in its Charter, which will be discussed at the next annual meeting of shareholders. «The company should make efforts to create new enterprises», — stated in the amendments. «Under the business associated with virtual currencies, cryptocurrency exchange means, operating in accordance with the law on payment means.»

This act has been
in force in Japan in April last year and legalized cryptocurrencies as legal tender. It also requires all exchanges of obtaining a license from the financial regulator of the country FSA.


Avex Inc is a conglomerate of the entertainment industry and one of the largest music labels in Japan. The company also operates in other areas of business such as anime, video games and music events. Last Thursday, Avex announced the intention to create a «virtual exchange of cryptocurrency» by amending its Charter. Amendments will be discussed at the next meeting of shareholders of the company.

Daiwa Securities Group

One of the largest Japanese brokerage firms for securities, the Daiwa Securities Group also pointed to the possibility of the entrance of the cryptocurrency industry in the future. Last week, the President and CEO of the company told the Sankei newspaper that «the company has a good opportunity to create useful cryptocurrency platform in case of compliance with all necessary laws.» He noted that the price movements of the cryptocurrency «volatile and subject to speculation».

Currently in Japan, there are 16 licensed kryptomere. Eight more applications are pending at the FSA. In addition, the Agency recently reported that about 100 companies have applied for licensing of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Line Corp and Yahoo! Japan.

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