Smart contracts EOS discovered a critical vulnerability, the launch of the blockchain pending

Smart contracts EOS found a critical vulnerability. This was reported in his Twitter moderator Chinese portal 8btc Ed Lee, referring to the anti-virus vendor 360, whose cybersecurity experts have reported the vulnerability to officials of EOS and helped them to reduce risk.

However, they warn that this type of vulnerability affects not only the EOS but also to other cryptocurrency platforms and applications.

As reported by another local source cnLedger critical vulnerability in the blockchain EOS may allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code on the nodes of the network and even establish control over them.

«The representative confirmed to EOS that the main network will not be launched until you fix the problem», – stated in the message cnLedger.

We are talking about the launch of the core network, which was to be held June 3 – now it will be delayed until, until the problem will not be solved.

An attacker or group of attackers can deploy smart contract with malicious code on superose EOS, which will execute the contract and activates the bug. Once that happens, all full nodes can be compromised, says cnLedger.

«We need to examine more carefully the projects on the basis of the blockchain, because in the future can be discovered similar vulnerabilities in other currencies», – reads the statement of experts on cyber security.

Price EOS after the discovery of vulnerabilities fell by 10%: the coin fell by more than $1, now it is trading at $11.2. Last month the price alithina decreased in two times – 29 April, it was trading at $22.

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