Tax service of Florida is considering the payment of taxes in bitcoin

Management of taxes and levies of the state of Florida entered into an agreement with the payment system BitPay involved in the processing of bitcoin payments in order to accept tax payments in bitcoin.

Joel Greenberg (Joel Greenberg) Seminarska of the district administration said that his office will accept payments in bitcoins and bitcache for a driver’s license, ID cards, license plates, documents on vehicles and property tax.

The management explained that cryptocurrency payments will help to simplify payments, reduce the likelihood of fraud and identity theft, as well as to improve the transparency and accuracy of payments. Additionally, management noted that volatility creates financial risks for the County.

«The purpose of my tenure is to make our interaction with citizens faster, smarter and more efficiently, and also to bring public services from the XVIII century to the XXI century, and one of the ways is to add cryptocurrency to our payment methods,» said Greenberg.

For BitPay’s first such collaboration with government services. As stated by the representative BitPay Jeremy Beaudry (Beaudry Jeremie), the company was created because «they saw the global potential of the technology of the blockchain, which will change the financial industry to a qualitatively new level, making payments faster, safer, and cheaper.»

«Cooperating with the IRS will the Seminole County, we first have teamed up with a government Agency in order to simplify the acceptance of payments in bitcoin and bacalah,» — said Bordi.

However, the Tax authority of Seminole – this is not the first state organization in the United States, which is trying to promote the idea of collecting payments in the cryptocurrency. In the States of Arizona
and GA
there have been attempts to pass bills that allowed citizens to pay taxes in bitcoins and other cryptocurrency, but none of them have not yet been approved.

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