Tether has issued 250 million tokens USDT

According to Explorer Explorer Omni, may 18, after a short break, the project Tether again «included a printing press» and generated 250 million tokens USDT.

Tether positions itself as a company that produces so-called «stable» token that is secured by a $ 1-to-1. In addition, the Tether is almost no competition in this market, so today the total amount of tokens Tether is almost 2.5 billion dollars. However, some experts doubt that Tether has security of all issued tokens. This is the reason, as Tether in January of this year severed ties with the accounting firm Friedman LLP, which conducted the audit and contributed to the transparency of the work of the project.

One of these critics is an anonymous blogger Bitfinex’ed, who noticed that within an hour after it had been generated coins Tether, there was an increase in the value of major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ether. According to price indexes BTC and ETH, bitcoin price rose to $ 120, and broadcast on the 10.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex, having a General guide with a Tether, threatening lawsuits against critics, including ed Bitfinex’that spread information that the number of issued coins Tether clearly exceeds the amount of money available to the company.

And still Tether ceases to be the only company with a «stable» currency. More recently, the idea to create such a token announced
the company Circle, where one of the investors made Chinese Bitmain. Also gaining popularity TrueUSD (TUSD), which has had problems with stability after adding on Binance.

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