The Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia, Baidu Baike is transferred to the blockchain

The Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia — the online Baidu Baike in order to enhance transparency and traceability of the events integrated the technology of the blockchain, which will keep a record of edits made to the article.

Officially the company still hasn’t announced, but a search through the encyclopedia showed that previous changes in each element are now written to the blockchain with a certain hash value. A representative from Baidu said that this feature was available in the public version of the service on Monday, although hashing began last week.

To answer the technical questions service representative refused, however, noted that the purpose of innovation is to increase the reliability of the data that can modify the users themselves.

Due to the fact that to account for edits Baidu used its own blockchain, third-party user can determine which data are recorded: for example, is fixed if I edit and its cause, and who were made the edit.

Baidu Baike was launched in 2008 and is the main service of its kind in China since the original Wikipedia is blocked in the country. According to the February 2018, the encyclopedia contains 15.2 million and 6.4 million edits.

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