The Creator of mobile games, Gumi has launched an investment Fund for the blockchain startups

Japanese mobile games developer, has launched an investment Fund worth $30 million for investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Gumi — the Creator and distributor of games, for example, «Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exviu» over which the company has worked with Square-Enix and Alim.

The new Fund, according to VentureBeat, is headed by the founder and CEO of Gumi, Hironao Kunimitsu (Hironao Kunimitsu), and Miko Matsumura (Miko Matsumura), founder of the cryptocurrency exchanges Evercoin. According to a statement from the law firm White & Case LLP, she acted as adviser on the establishment of an investment Fund.

«We decided to create a Fund that will allow us to interact directly with the cryptocurrency, and blockchain startups in the early stage of development, to create a more effective partnership and to have a real impact on the market,» said Kunimitsu in a statement.

And although the Fund has appeared recently, he began investing in the industry, including investments in the company Basis – the Creator of one of the most stable cryptocurrencies (stablecoin). In addition, the Fund invested in the firm Robot Cache, trying to create a competitor on the basis of the blockchain the online gaming platform Steam. Matsumura told GamesBeat that the Fund will invest in stocks and tokens directly.

«We are interested in the early stages, we invest in stocks or tokens. We like gaming technology, and we believe that there is a strong link between games and kriptosmartfon» he said.

Many companies are beginning to consider the possibility of launching or have already launched funds for investment in industry of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Recently, the exchange Huobi has announced that starts the Fund at a billion dollars for investment in the blockchain. Furthermore, even government agencies have started to support such endeavors. For example, in China over the past six months was launched two funds for investment in blockchain startups in Hangzhou
and in Shenzhen. It is noteworthy that both the Foundation received administrative and financial support the municipal authorities.

In addition, the company recently launched the Ripple
more narrowly focused, but still intended for investment in the industry Fund Xpring. Note, however, that the Fund will only support startups and projects that use the token XRP and XRP technology of the blockchain Ledger.

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