The Ethereum network Classic is preparing a fork for «bombs of complexity»

The developer community Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the coming days plans to implement hardwork to finally eliminate the so-called «bomb complexity» in your code.

The change is planned on the block 5 900 000 – all users of blockchain Ethereum Classic will have to update wallets to deactivate the function, which is designed to increase the difficulty of mining before switching to a new algorithm consensus.

The developers of Ethereum argue that the PoS system is more energy efficient than PoW. However, Anthony Lusardi (Anthony Lusardi), the developer and Director of the ETC Cooperative, community development and marketing Protocol, says that this is just another key disagreement between users of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. That is why he believes removing the «bomb» another way for the community ETC to distance themselves from the Ethereum blockchain, and what it seeks from the moment of separation in the summer of 2016.

«Based on the mood of the majority of members of the community, proof of work, apparently, is the decentralized approach to achieve consensus,» said Lusardi in an interview. «It is proposed many new algorithms such as proof of stake, delegated proof of stake and other. Within our community we do not know there is a newer version of the decentralized consensus, and we fear that they may be more centralized than proof of work».

The decision Ethereum Classic about the support of their system of proof of work was not rushed. Discussions on this topic began in 2016, after the collapse of the DAO, which provoked hardwork Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic appearance. In January 2017, the community ETC realized the fork to put «bomb» and give yourself extra time for discussion.

Lusardi notes that the PoS system was better understood over the past two years. He claims that the PoW system to better resist centralization, because production requires continuous infrastructure investment in the equipment. Conversely, once a participant reaches the «economic majority» in the system with proof of stake, «it, nothing can stop it.»

The developer of Ethereum Classic Cody burns (Cody Burns) agrees with this point of view:

«The whole point is that you put into the system as much as you can to acquire a stake in it, and banks and large companies possess far greater amounts of capital compared with the usual participants,» he said. «We would have spent the next four or five years, just re-inventing the modern financial system that we have now. The same actors, the same players».

The mass destruction? Unlikely

Hardforce has already demonstrated its contradictory nature in the past because of the risk of branch network in the case that the miners will not update the purses or some users decide to continue working in a network with legacy code. However, Lusardi, Artamonov and burns do not consider that the upcoming fork will be difficult or will provoke technical problems. They noted that the majority of nodes and miners have already updated their software, which was released three months ago.

In addition, the technology company IOHK, one of the key developers of Ethereum Classic, followed their example. Three weeks ago, she released a client Mantis V1.1 with the new requirements, so that its users have enough time to update, noted the company Manager Kevin Lord (Lord Kevin).

The developers noted that, theoretically, the exchanges may not be aware of the fork, but I suppose that is unlikely. The Lord said that he recommends users to control their private keys and do not store your tokens on the exchanges.

The developers suggest that the fork will benefit the community, not only will eliminate potential difficulties with mining related «bomb». It is also expected that due to the fork will be reduced the time required to create the block.

«Now we have an average of 26 seconds to create the block, we hope that the fork will reduce it to 14 seconds,» says burns.

In General, the elimination of the «bomb» is likely to pass almost unnoticed, the developers noted.

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