The «Internet of blockchains»: Polkadot project is launching a first PoC

Parity and Web3 Technologies Foundation will soon launch the first proof-of-concept (PoC) for your Protocol compatibility of the block chain Polkadot. The aim of the technology developed by Gavin wood (Gavin Wood), a co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity Technologies to allow the chains to interact with each other, thus initiating automatic updates without a total system updates or hardforce.

Despite the fact that interoperable elements still need to be developed in the framework of the PoC will be enhanced pattern inside the Polkadot Protocol, which will allow developers to create applications based on the system using a unique control method.

«In the technological sense, this method – heart Polkadot,» notes Steiner, Jutta (Jutta Steiner), President of Parity Technologies.

Control method Polkadot will be available for testing in testnet Kovan on the basis of Ethereum. Earlier this month, wood conducted a live demonstration on Ethereum Community Development Conference (EDCON), in which he showed how the voices of the owners of the tokens can be used maliciously.

«In fact, you need to create this Toolkit, which will subsequently be required to develop another Maracana to continue to build the relay circuit, but it all depends on this core,» said Steiner about the new PoC. «Partially you can start with an arbitrary control mechanism, such as a function of state transition, and change it in real time in the chain and even to the point where you have it removed, and no additional blocks are added. It showed Gavin EDCON».

Parity and Web3 said that the next Polkadot PoC will «implement parascan agreement with the candidate and networking». In addition, they plan to officially launch the network Polkadot in the third quarter of 2019.

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