The owners of «mining plant» Zavod RTI offset the damage of the power company

The decision of the court the heads of Department with ASIC miners, steal electricity for mining cryptocurrency with former RTI plant (rubber products) in Orenburg, which was discovered in April, had to pay damages of an electric grid company in the amount of 78 million rubles and will pay a fine, the press service of the interior Ministry of Russia in the Orenburg region.

«It is established that high-tech equipment used for the production of cryptocurrency. The plant was carried out without taking into account the electricity consumption of over 8 million kilowatt*hours. Established persons involved in the theft, they were two of the leaders of the firm. Industrial district court of the city of Orenburg appointed a judicial fine in the amount of 200 thousand rubles each. Energy companies recovered damages in the amount of 78 million rubles», – informs regional Department of the MIA.

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