Thomson Reuters launches price index of six cryptocurrencies

Thomson Reuters launches data transmission channel on the prices of cryptocurrencies in real-time. It is expected that the new service will provide «reliable and relevant information» for the six digital coins according to the major cryptocurrency exchanges. The purpose of the index is to improve the efficiency and transparency of operations for crypto-currency investors in the global market.

The new index is a Real Time Cryptocurrency Rates are already available through a custom API on the platform Thomson Reuters Eikon. The app provides real-time data from various kryptomere, including Bitflyer and Bitpoint. According to Reuters, in the future will be added more trading platforms.

This step was made by the company after the recent poll in which was revealed the high likelihood of increased trading digital currencies financial institutions this year. About 20% of 400 surveyed financial companies considering entry into the trade cryptocurrency assets within 12 months. This means that every fifth surveyed company plans to establish direct contact with cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Price data in real time will cover six cryptocurrency. The service startup can be interpreted as an indication that Reuters is considering adding new digital assets on their trading platform. In December, the company added
Bitcoin and Cash (BCH) on the platform Eikon. BCH became the third most popular cryptocurrency on the platform after bitcoin (BTC) and ether.

The index was launched almost simultaneously with a statement from CME Group, which this week announced
about the two indexes on the broadcast in partnership with the cryptocurrency platform Crypto Facilities.

Earlier this year Thomson Reuters has introduced
under the product MarketPsych Indices investment tool based on artificial intelligence to monitor more than 400 sources of information on bitcoin and identify sentiment investors.

According to Michael (Go Michael), head of Department of development of the currency market Thomson Reuters for the Asia-Pacific region, huge growth in the cryptocurrency market in the last decade highlights the strong momentum around new technologies and asset classes.

«Thomson Reuters Cryptocurrency Real Time Rates helps to create a transparent and efficient global market, necessary for the future stability of cryptocurrency trading and support investors,» he commented.

«Being the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitflyer is making efforts to promote the development of cryptocurrency markets,» said Yuzo Kano (Yuzo Kano), CEO and co-founder of the trading platform. He noted that Bitflyer is the first company to receive a licence to trade in cryptocurrencies in Japan, USA and Europe. «We are pleased that we can offer valuable information to customers around the world through Thomson Reuters,» added Cano.

The President of the exchange Bitpoint, Gena ODA (Oda Genki), also spoke about the partnership with Thomson Reuters. «We are pleased to collaborate with Thomson Reuters in further expansion of services and we hope that our data will become the benchmark for the cryptocurrency industry,» said ODA.

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