Tron begins to move on its own blockchain

Tenth by market capitalization ($4 billion) cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) passes from the network on its own Ethereum blockchain Odyssey 2.0 – the official beta launch took place at 12 o’clock UTC. Before full-scale deployment, the developers will finalize the wallets and browsers.

From 21 June to 24 June, users will be able to move their tokens ERC-20 for cryptocurrency platforms that support Odyssey 2.0 to get the equivalent amount of TRX in the new network.

The translation will be completed June 25 date, which the developers called «independence Day» – when the expectations of investors about the fact that Tron will be a «killer Ethereum» will be tested.

«The independence of our Protocol is an important step for the next phase of Internet development with democracy and decentralization», – said the founder of Tron Justin San.

He stressed that the transition Protocol Tron in the core network will make it easier for developers separation from the Ethereum network and open new perspectives in scaling, commercialization and rapid access that is necessary for the development of a global decentralized applications.

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