Unicef Australia has launched a platform to collect donations through mining Monero

OU UN Children’s Fund Unicef Australia have launched a platform through which donations are accepted in the form of processing power used for mining cryptocurrencies. The Hopepage allows donors to designate a specific percentage of processing power to redirect to a mining Monero on behalf of Unicef. According to company representatives, the site «allows Australians to give relief and hope to the defenseless children just go to the site».

The site says that users «choose how much power they are willing to sacrifice on production» and noted that as part of the process will not be used any personal information. The Director of Unicef Australia fundraising and communications Jennifer Tierney (Jennifer Tierney) said:

«We wanted to use new technologies to raise awareness about the current humanitarian crisis and raising funds to support the children caught in them. Hopepage allows Australians to give relief and hope to vulnerable children, just opening the page while they are online.»

The platform uses AuthedMine – require confirmation API version Coinhive, which was issued by the company in order to reduce criticism of its primary product, often used for covert mining. Unicef reports that supporters «may want to disable ad blocker in the browser» to use The Hopepage. Manager to work with digital applications and content Manager Unicef Australia Tony tan (Tony Tang) told
local media:

«Some ad blockers inactivate the script, but we ask people who want to donate, disable them for our web site. This request is not the same as messages on the media sites and news publications that require you to disable ad blocker to view content on them. While this may alienate some users, we hope for the audience that is not against this action.»

Unicef initially announced that uses Authedmine to The Hopepage, and tan said that the organization chose not to do so «for the same reason that we will not disclose server configuration or configuration».Tang defended the transparency of the platform, stating:

«We openly declare that borrow processing power of the computer and provide the opportunity to choose, how much power can be sacrificed. Donation — a one-time session and must be approved by the user every time he visits the website. All the action on the Hopepage is completely user-initiated, and it can decide whether to participate or not.»

According to Unicef Australia, with funding through The Hopepage, currently allocated to support the organization’s efforts on solving problems of the ethnic group Rohingya. At the current moment has more than 2,000 people have donated computing power of their devices for mining on the platform.

In February, Unicef launched a program Game Chaingers through which the organization is gaining gamers to redistribute the computing power of their devices for mining broadcast on behalf of Unicef.

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