VEB and the CRIC will be to develop the blockchain in public administration

It CROC will become a resident of «competence Center of the blockchain», organized on the basis of the Fund «VEB Innovations» for investment in high-tech projects.

CROC specialists will provide the centre with expert analytical support in the development and implementation of the blockchain for solving problems of corporate and public governance.

The CRIC is working with this technology in 2015. The company is implementing projects in all key blockchain platforms that are present on the Russian market – Waves, Bitfury Exonum, Ethereum, and HyperLedger Fabric.

Under the partnership, the CRIC and Vneshtorgbank will be engaged in the analysis, development and implementation of pilot projects based on blockchain technology, training professional personnel, carrying out educational, scientific, and educational activities, as well as the development of laws related to the use of the blockchain in Russia.

The CRIC and the «competence Center of the blockchain» VEB has already formed joint working groups for elaboration of the use of the blockchain in public administration.

«In some areas, the blockchain is able to truly simplify our lives. For example, in the area of register of property rights, organizations, and documents at the state level or in business, such as a process of interaction with partners and suppliers in the retail, banking, Telecom and other industries,» – said the Director of integration solutions company KROK Alexey Smirnov.

According to him, the signed agreement – not the first joint activity of VEB and CROC.

«We are pleased to develop our partnership and hope to make a valuable contribution to questions of legal support, promotion and commercialization of the blockchain in Russia», – said Smirnov.

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