Walmart has filed a patent application on the blockchain for retail

In a new patent application from American chain stores Walmart detail how the blockchain can be used to increase the number of digital offerings for customers.

The document, published last Thursday, the Bureau of the United States patent and trademark office, describes the register block which will track the goods sold in the shops a particular client. This is another effort Walmart in the sphere of intellectual property rights. The company has previously filed a number of patent applications to other applications from this area, and also launched a pilot project
the technology for tracking food products. In addition, Walmart recently patented
Autonomous delivery system based on the blockchain.

The system proposed in the new patent application will allow the client to register the initial purchase of any product. The customer can choose a price for resale, and the system itself works mainly as a digital market, according to the application. Apparently, the application uses elements from other patent applications of the company relating to the Autonomous delivery system.

In the last application Walmart explains how «distributed data delivery in the blockchain» will be updated as soon as products are transferred from the seller to the courier and the buyer. A new transaction will be used to refer to each next stage. The company noted:

«In one embodiment, upon delivery of the product assumes the use of signatures from both the sender and the courier, backed up by their private keys. A new transaction can be broadcast and verified by the sender, courier, buyer, and/or other nodes in the system before adding it to the blockchain. When the parcel is transferred from the buyer to the courier, the courier may use your private key to authorize the transfer of a digital asset that represents a physical asset, from the courier to the buyer and update record of delivery using a new transaction».

A new project Walmart originates in the last year — in September 2017 network representatives explained how they tested automatic solutions for the delivery of goods with a limited group of customers in California.

Walmart is not the only retail giant, interested in the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. In January this year it became known that Japan’s largest shopping chain selling household appliances and electronics, Yamada Denki announced
on cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer to test bitcoin payments. And a month after that, the Japanese e-Commerce giant Rakuten said it plans to transfer its loyalty program, Rakuten Super Points for the new blockchain-based platform and launch its own cryptocurrency Coin Rakuten.

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