Exchange Bithumb will pay $28 million in taxes in 2017

National tax service South Korea (NTS) has asked for 30 billion won ($28 million) for the payment of taxes from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bithumb. This step was approved by the crypto community. June 8, local media announced that Bithumb, which published the income of 427 billion won ($397 million) for 2017, pay off their […]

Consommation électrique et crypto-monnaies et des blockchains

Jean-Paul Delahaye, professeur émérite à l’Université de Lille et chercheur au centre de recherche en informatique, signal et automatique de Lille (CRISTAL), était lundi dernier l’invité de France Stratégie dans le cadre d’un cycle de conférence consacré à l »impact environnemental du numérique. Au cours de son intervention il est revenu sur les différentes études relatives à la […]

The decision about the launch of the blockchain EOS 10 Jun

One week after the start of one of the largest and most unusual experiments of the crypto community, blockchain EOS finally approaching to run – June 9 passed a successful vote of «creators block» for the launch of the network. It is also worth mentioning about the other two votes which have already taken place. […]

As a result of breaking of the Japanese Syndicate wallet stolen $10 million

Cryptocurrency wallet company’s Japanese Syndicate, which kept tokens of participants TokenGenerationEvent was hacked. The attackers were able to steal Ethereum, LevelUp, Orbs and ShopinTokens in the amount of $10 million. Shopin, blockchain-service, offering the user certain websites and applications based on purchase history and preferences, has released the following statement: «On Wednesday, may 30, 2018, […]