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The Meaning of CiPU, Our Story.

CiPU Story

Founded in 2009 by a group of mothers’ and brand owner Jarrah, all of who had one shared inspiration, an idea to gift mothers love, happiness, and affection. As a result, CiPU bags were gifted instead of being bought. Each bag is hand made and the size of bags created to suit the person. CiPUs focus is on style, exploring colors and patterns to suit every occasion, however, each bag is full of functionality to meet mothers everyday needs.

Meaning of CiPU

The name CiPU has an interesting story, "Ci" (pronounced as ‘shee’ in sheet) means ‘happiness’, "PU" (pronounced as ‘pu’ in put) translates to ‘store’ in Chinese. Our bags were designed to convey the message of warmth and positive energy to each and every family, so we wanted to deliver that message, that our brand is about the gift of happiness.

The Bowknot

The bowknot logo represents the ribbon on a "gift”, meanwhile ∞ is defined as "infinity" in mathematics. Children are a precious gift and a parent's devotion to their children are testimonies to "infinitive love". The bowknot represents infinite love and the power of gifts in a single wish, a wish that every mother can enjoy blissful, long-lasting memories with their child, the greatest gift in life.

Design Philosophy

All of CiPU diaper bags are handmade and limited in quantity. We wanted to create a bags that were special to every woman and as unique to mothers as their children would be. CiPU’s bags are created with the idea mother’s are still women, and looks matter. So our designs and styles focus on women, creating different styles, patterns, and colors to suit every personality. Our bags still pack function, giving mothers all the essential functions needed to have a great day out. Additionally, our bags are one of the lightest on the market, weighing just 1.2 lbs. Now that's another load off your shoulder.

The Environment

CiPU is also an environmentally friendly company, we ensure our products are low carbon imprint and are continuously working to reduce this imprint. We believe in love for Moms, children, each other and the world we live in.


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