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#256 news of the day 01.04.2018

photo picdn.net From random events: Kazakhstan, however, wants a ban on crypto currency; Thailand has established tax law to crypto currency; South Korea creates a plan of taxation on crypto currency; Purse hardware the most common holiday purchase in Nevada; the Return of the legacy. In Kazakhstan, however, wants a ban on crypto currencies: The […]

#255 news of the day 31.03.2018

photo omedix.com With Saturday’s events: Personal communication group through the Blockchain; Zhakowana the exchange does not receive compensation; Japanese exchange increases security measures; FBI warns about scams; a Slight increase in the weeks after the fall. • Personal communication group through the Blockchain: Cisco, a world leader in the industry of IT, is developing a […]

#253 news. 29.03.2018

| photo leap2020.net Thursday events: American voters can use the ballot on the Blockchain; Canadian company denies its customers the to trade Bitcoinami; the German leader of the tourism industry made a payment Bitcoinem; Bitfinex changes the location of its headquarters; Bitcoin closer and closer to $ 7,000. • American voters can use the ballot […]

#252 news. 28.03.2018

photo static.dnaindia.com Of events Wednesday: 3 large companies sue social network for the advertising ban crypto; European control of the market increases requirements for CFDs; Ford offers a motion control system that uses tokens; Uphold adds support for XRP; Cocoa Corp announced the launch of the platform the Blockchain; On exchanges is red. • 3 […]

#251 news. 27.03.2018

photo techcrunch.com Event Tuesday: Twitter confirmed the decrease in blood pressure of cryptography; Deutsche Börse will launch a Blockchain platform credit; IOTA the subject of the research of the largest German universities; the Arrest of criminals okradających financial institutions; a Slight jump in prices on the stock exchanges. • Twitter confirmed the decrease in blood […]

#250 news. 26.03.2018

| photo podatki.egospodarka.pl With poniedziałkowych event: Belarus introduced accounting standards on crypto currency; the Chinese government runs the platform Blockchainową; Known to the expert and the trader sees a brilliant year 2018 for Bitcoin; the Artist exhibited a painting with the encrypted portfolio; Exchanges quickly returned to the correction. • Belarus introduced accounting standards for […]

#249 news. 25.03.2018

| photo wyborcza.pl From random events: Donald trump has signed a law that will increase access to the data of Americans; co-Founder of Ripple and Stellar sees only one way for crypto; Fujitsu opens international centre Blockchain; Nigeria is testing the technology on crypto currency, but warned its citizens before using them; last week on […]

#248 news. 24.03.2018

photo amazonaws.com With Saturday’s events: Another state of the United States opens on the Blockchain; the Company in Canada will launch kryptowalutową brokerage service; Quorum may be a private company; ransomware Attack on the city of Atlanta; Increase exchanges. • Another state of the United States opens on the Blockchain: The Governor of Tennessee signed […]

#247 news. 23.03.2018

| photo coinspeaker.com Friday events: Binance opens office in Malta; the SEC will investigate hedge funds; Malaysian banks are joining forces to develop programmes Blockchain; Yahoo! Japan plans to open its own exchange; the exchanges quietly. • Binance opens office in Malta: Exchange Binance announced that it is opening an office in Malta, after Japanese […]

#246 news. 22.03.2018

| photo businesskorea.that.cu Thursday events: Południowokoreańscy regulators will check the local banks; the UK has established a task group on crypto; Fujitsu launches Center for Innovative Blockchain; improved safety at sea through the Blockchain; the fall in the exchanges. • Południowokoreańscy regulators check local banks: Południowokoreańscy financial regulators check on banks from the point of […]