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With Saturday’s events: Europe for kryptowalutami; Serious error browser Mist; Venezuela plans to introduce a registry of Bitcoin miners; kryptowaluty contribute to crime?; Bitcoin can not be stopped.

Europe for kryptowalutami:

Sorin Moisa, member of the European Parliament said that kryptowaluty should not be illegal. Saturday Moisa began the discussion during a policy dialogue organized by ORCA Alliance, EU40, at the European Parliament in Brussels. He claimed that at the moment, need a clear framework and rules:

The reaction of the political must have in order to avoid scams and the revision of the Directive on the fight against money laundering. Project setup ICO is also an area which should be considered, because they have to respect European security structures.

When the voice took eurodeputowana Eva Kaili, I fully agree with my colleague, and she insisted kryptowaluty become more decentralized, which means that intermediaries will become less relevant. Suggested that in determining the decision makers have to wait for developers and the market that currently carry out the necessary tests.

Krigers Zilgalvis, head of start-UPS and Innovation in the European Commission noted that the Commission is approaching the point of view favorable kryptowalutom. He stressed that the Commission is looking to use Blockchaina in industries beyond Finance. Then he said:

Research center Blockchaina will be launched in January 2018. and will closely with innovators. View various use cases kryptowaluty and decide whether to intervene or leave the market to itself. The plan of action FinTech, which will be published in March 2018, will cover these questions.

Tadas Langaitis, member of the Lithuanian Parliament and the Chairman of the Commission on the Digital Economy noted that the recommendations for kryptowaluty is very significant and will lead to mass adoption in the EU. Tadas, who travels around the world, promoting the technology of the Blockchain believes that it will help people to join the Bitcoin revolution.

A serious error browser Mist:

Ethereum on soim blog said users error browser Beta Mist that can potentially steal private keys through malicious web sites. Vulnerability version Mist Browser v0 Beta.9.3 and below. Warning from team Mist note how the differences in security updates across the Mist, its electronic platform Electron and the Chromium browser can jeopardize your privacy. The warning is:

Using vulnerabilities in Chromium, which applies to all released versions of the Mist browser Browser to version 0.9.3, otrzegamy users to not visiting the sites, unreliable, using Mist Browser Beta.

They note, however, that this error does not affect users of the desktop application Ethereum Wallet.

During the following high-profile problems related to security in Ethereum, the developers clearly emphasize its commitment to inform on new issues. Complex three-layer configuration in Mist, Electron, and Chromium is an obstacle to security. In your prevention team explains the complexity of the Mist, which causes vulnerability:

The main problem associated with the current architecture is that the vulnerability of Chromium there are a few patches from the Mist: first, Chromium needs to be patched, then Electron it is necessary to update the version of Chromium, and at the end of Frenzy should be updated to the new version of electrona.

Browser users must abide by the Mist siedmioelementowej the list to ensure maximum safety: to avoid storage of large volumes of Air or markers in private keys online to create a backup of your private keys, not to visit untrusted sites with Mist, use Mist to untrusted networks on a daily basis to update your browser, monitor, operating system updates and antivirus software, learn how to check checksum of files.

Venezuela plans to introduce a registry of Bitcoin miners:

According to local sources, 22. December the government of Venezuela plans to launch an online registry for miners Bitcoin. All the Bitcoin miners in the country will have to register there. The registry is the first step to creating a full legal framework in respect of taxation and regulation on mining crypto currency on the territory of the country. Supporters of the decision believe that this registry will protect domestic miners. Angel Salazar, member of the Advisory Council will assist the government of Venezuela in the implementation of the norms on crypto currency, said:

Miners working in difficult conditions, and to create a formal structure, with the help of this registry will help to protect them from wymuszeniami and prosecution.

At a recent press conference, the newly appointed senior Wenezuli on crypto currency, Carlos Vargas said that the government is creating the register for more accurate setting and monitoring mining of Bitcoin, saying ominously:

We want to know who they are, we want to know where they are, we want to know what equipment they use.

Feet on crypto currency in Venezuela has become popular over the past few months, as it provides employment earnings as poor and rich Wenezuelczykom who have suffered financial crisis in the country, which is hiperinflacją.

Although mining for crypto currency in Venezuela is not technically illegal, local police have arrested miners from the beginning of 2016., accusing them of theft of electricity, stock fraud, cyber-crime and the financing of terrorism. Recently, during a RAID in Lara, which took place 9. December, police confiscated 21 production platforms and arrested 31-year-old owner. Miner was charged with computer crimes, illegal money exchange, financing of terrorism, to cause to meet electric and money laundering. In addition, the Venezuelan police is highly corrupt – the miners often asked to pay money in exchange for the dropping of charges. An example of this is the following story.

Kryptowaluty or contribute to a crime?:

Reuters reports that in Denmark I’m sure the Italian was sentenced to 6 years in prison for ordering the murder of his ex-boyfriend. Payment for the order was made in Bitcoinach. Payment 4.1 BTC was held in March, at a time when that amount was worth about 4,000 dollars. Agreement for digital wallet killer was submitted to the court as evidence. Murder is never justified, and ex-boyfriend zleceniodawczyni was present at skazywania and talked to the woman after the process.

The anonymity of digital currencies has led to the fact that they have become a popular choice for criminals. Because of this, dark sites, such as AlphaBay and SilkRoad use Bitcoin for the transaction. Opponents accuse Bitcoin of the cryptocurrency to use it for money laundering and hampering investigations.

At the same time, proponents of digital currencies can easily notice that the vast majority of actions, such as money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crimes are carried out using traditional currencies. Siân Jones, founder of EDCAB European digital currency and Blockchaina before the Committee of the European Parliament, said:

The perception of crypto currency as anonymous, this is largely a myth. The assertion that kryptowaluty are mainly used for money-laundering, are clearly overstated and unfounded. The ability to track past deals makes that virtual currencies are quite unsuitable for money laundering.

Bitcoin is not stopped:

The last 24 hours another day of success Bitcoin which is hitting new records pricing increase, equal to 5.9%. Ethereum stable, with a 0.1% advantage. Bitcoin Cash are also on the rise by 3.2%. Litecoin and Ripple are faced today with a similar proof, turn 2.8% and 2.9%. For the community of IOTA is another day of correction after a case with Microsoft and cost reduction of 6.3%. For this project Gimbal with coinem ADA is a great success. He is gaining today of 34.4%, making it on the 7th place at market value. The total market capitalization of crypto currency in the last days has increased by 25.5 billion dollars and is now 563,1.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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